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Pvc-pipe-from-basement-to-attic, wasn't sure where to post this thread, so it seemed what i was looking at was a capped pvc pipe in the attic on a newer constructed house (7 yo) so plumbing seemed appropriate. it appears to be a plumbing vent intended to exit the roof, but is capped. has anyone come across this before? why would they run the pipe & cap it?. I saw somewhere stating to install a pipe from ones basement into their attic so in the future they can easily pull wires in the pipe to go from basement to attic. is that a good idea or are there, 4' pvc pipe in basement leaks on the outside of pipe; author: gmdkrumm (pa) i have a leak in my basement on a 4" pvc pipe that i believe is a radon vent or a plumbing vent stack, the leak drips down the pipe and drips at the elbow in the picture..

To me personally, the hardest of all that is replacing the sheetrock so the wall looks smooth and you can't tell. i have friends who are straight-up gifted in that regard, with my crap you can always tell where the cutout was b/c you can see a bump at the crease., empty 3" pvc pipe from basement to attic. seal it? i live in a 3-story townhouse. there is a single 3" pipe sticking out of my basement cealing in an unfinished part and goes up into the attic. initially there was nothing in this pipe, but i have since ran some network cable drops to wire my upstairs bedrooms..

Should this pipe on my roof have a cover? i noticed this uncovered pipe on my roof today when emptying my swamp cooler. it goes into a pipe in the attic that in pretty sure drains to the plumbing master pipe/sump in the basement., yes you can run the pvc as you stated.i once installed a 1"1/2 pvc pipe from basement to attic while the walls where open for future use and the inspector was okay with it,but had to do fire stop when it went through the floor plates..

And running it in pvc wont help either. i have several coax coming into the basement in two places and i also have several coax and control cables running thru a 4" pvc pipe from basement to attic (two upper levels plus walk in attic), that newer section house framing is 2x6 (state law since the 80's) with lots of insulation., 3” pvc pipe from basement to attic allows sump pit radon ventilation. framing. 2” x 6” exterior walls. professionally engineered floor system utilizes wood i-joists, steel i-joists, and laminated beams. cad system recognizes load bearing walls and calculates roof loads; floor is designed accordingly