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Mosfet-high-side-driver-charge-pump, mic5021 ds20005677a-page 4 2016 microchip technology inc. gate fall time tf — 400 500 ns note 6 max. operating frequency fmax 100 150 — khz note 7 dc characteristics (continued) electrical characteristics: unless otherwise indicated, ta = +25°c, gnd = 0v, vdd = 12v, ct = open, gate cl = 1500 pf (irf540 mosfet). parameters sym. min. typ. max. units conditions. Norwood, ma – analog devices, inc., which recently acquired linear technology corporation, announces the ltc7001, a high speed, high side n-channel mosfet driver that operates up to a 150v supply voltage. its internal charge pump fully enhances an external n-channel mosfet switch, enabling it to remain on indefinitely. the ltc7001’s powerful 1Ω ga, the ltc7001 is a fast high side n-channel mosfet gate driver that operates from input voltages up to 135v. it contains an internal charge pump that fully enhances an external n-channel mosfet switch, allowing it to remain on indefinitely.its powerful driver can easily drive large gate capacitances with very short transition times, making it well su