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Gmc-sierra-third-brake-light-stays-on, the 3 rd brake light stays on i have removed the connector from the brake light switch and the light is still on - answered by a verified chevy mechanic. we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.. While traveling in my 2003 gmc sierra truck at approximately 45 mph i stepped on the brake pedal to stop at a stop sign and the pedal went 3/4 of the way down to the floor, then the brake light came on and the truck did not stop as quickly as it usually does ( glad i was not going any faster) ., i was needing some help with my 09 sierra. the red light next to the cargo light above the back window stays on occasionally. i mess with the brake pedal and doors and it eventually goes off but not instantly..

Came out of walmart a bit ago, thought someone was in my truck because the brake lights were on. turns out they are stuck on, with pedal in or out, truck on or off. they were off when i got out of the truck, and in the 30 min i was away from the truck they came on and stayed on. what the hell is..., got home from work tonight keyed off doors locked everything out accept the red lights on the back of the cab. i messed with the headlight switch, pulled a couple fuses and the only thing i could get to kill it was disconnecting the battery.