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Cat-proof-leather-couch, if you’re a cat owner on the hunt for a new sofa, finding the right one can be a pretty difficult task. while you may be extremely picky about the aesthetics of your furnishings, at the back of your mind, you probably realize even if you find the ideal couch for you – it may […]. How to cat-proof your couch . by helen anne travis . even the most well-behaved cats can’t help but wreak havoc on our furniture. it’s not their fault they think our couches are giant scratching posts., to start with we had a sofa with a fabric cover which our then new rescue cat demolished by using it as her scratching post. eventually we decided to replace the sofa with a leather one and get a scratching post at the same time..

The best solution for cats and leather sofas? by george. hello dr. neely, my girlfriend is moving in with me and she has two cats. i have read about waterguns, electric deterrents, sofa covers, citrus scents, double sided tape, etc. but wanted to ask the expert: what is the best way to protect my leather sofas/couches?, cat owners: chances are good that you know how an otherwise perfectly good sofa can look terrrible as a result of abuse by your cats' claws. you don't have to regard that as the price of having a cat, now that you know that sofas and chairs can have cat-proof polyurethane-finished oak where claws would otherwise be damaging a sofa..

Cat proof couch dog proof couch inspiration house lovely cat proof furniture for joy cats home decor furniture pertaining cat proof leather couch. cat proof couch beautiful cat proof chair cover up chair repair with vinegar glue best cat proof sofas., how we made the picks. the initial candidates for the best dog and cat-proof couches, sofas & protectors were made by our editor-in-chief, bob (who holds two relevant degrees – one in materials science and one in interior design).. the next thing we did is look through over 2000 user reviews and talked to 30+ pet owners.